No. of Players : 1player
Category : Simulation
Release Date : 07 Dec 2017.
overview features
C11Type-No.190 appears!
C11Type-No.190 The Oigawa railway is in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan.
You will be operating the JNR C11 190 type steam
locomotive at the Oigawa railway!

Control the throttle valve to accelerate, and use the
brake to stop at the desired position.
The steam locomotive moves on steam, so regulating
the amount of steam is essential.
The point is to have not too much or too little pressure
to keep the desired speed.

Listen to the exciting sounds of the locomotive while
proceeding through the serene scenery!
Simple, realistic railway driving!

Operate the throttle valve and the brakes with a simple touch,
and experience how it feels to operate a real steam locomotive.
Follow the signals and speed limits to earn high scores from all stations!

The driving guide will be displayed periodically, so new players will
always have help on hand.

For more information, check the Features page.

Game screen01
Full of railroad line information!
Abundant sightseeing information and trivia about attractions
along the Oigawa railway are recorded in the library.
Including precious documents regarding the Oigawa railway.
Make sure you gather them all to enjoy this nostalgic journey.
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Release Date : 25 Aug 2016. Release Date : 06 Aug 2015.