No. of Players : 1player
Category : Simulation
Release Date : 24 Dec 2015.

“Journey to Kyoto” is part of the popular Japanese Rail Sim 3D series and features driving over the complete line from the first station to the last!

The game is set on the Eizan Electric Railway which travels around the ancient capital of Kyoto. The scenery from the driver’s point of view is reproduced in intense 3D images. You will enjoy driving a 900-type “Kirara” on your railway journey from the suburban Demachiyanagi Station to the mountainous Kurama Station.

You will pass through the popular tourist spot the “Momiji no Tonneru (Maple tunnel)” where the branches of maple trees overlap to create a tunnel of bright autumn colors.
Both a ‘Day Mode’ and a ‘Night Mode’ are available, so you can enjoy the various atmospheres as you drive.

By getting high scores in the game, you can see information about the many sightseeing spots along the track such as the Shimogamo-jinja Shrine and the Kifune-jinja Shrine, and feel like you’re actually visiting Kyoto.

The driving guide will be displayed periodically,
so new players will always have help on hand.
Operate the master control and brake with a simple touch, and experience how it feels to operate a real train.
Consult the guide displayed in the top screen as you head for your stop! In addition to observing speed limits and signs, you'll also need techniques to deal with sudden changes in elevation!
Can you arrive on time, and on target? Show off your driving skills!

Two points of view are available while driving. You can switch between the driver's view,
which offers more realism, and the observation view, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Touch the red bordered section of the left screen, or press the Button (as shown below)
to switch between"Driver View" and "Observation View".

One more feature of the "Japanese Rail Sim 3D" series is the "Library", where you can
access interesting facts about sights along the lines, as if you were a visitor there.

Many of the historical shrines, temples, and buildings of the ancient capital Kyoto
will be introduced.

Obtaining good scores will unlock all kinds of tourist information, so you'll be able
to enjoy both the driving and the attractions of the Eizan Electric Railway.

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