No. of Players : 1player
Category : Simulation
Price : $19.99
Release Date : Aug. 25 2016

This time you are in charge of trains on the Yui Rail, a railway located in the tropical Okinawa prefecture, the southernmost part of Japan.

Take the 12.9 kilometer monorail from Naha-kuko to Shuri.

The Yui Rail runs entirely on an elevated railway! From a height of 20 meters from the ground, you can look out the window and feel like you are taking a walk above the city. Night Mode is also included. So instead of Day Mode, there is also time to enjoy the peaceful glittering lights of the city at night.
Get a high score and you can unlock new challenges in "Full Line Mode" and "Free Mode"!

Japanese Rail Sim 3D's fascinating library of route information offers trivia and information about attractions around the stations.
Furthermore, the Okinawa sightseeing information has 3D visuals of sightseeing spots all across Okinawa, providing a feeling of really visiting the actual locations.
Enjoy your time as a monorail conductor as you take in the refreshing view while driving on the elevated railway.
If you look at the sightseeing information, you can enjoy your amazing trip to the fullest!


Watch your speed on the sudden curves and steep slopes. Especially around Shuri station which is 60‰ (per mille) slope, the steepest slope within all of Japan's railways. "Trains on the Yui Rail are very powerful and can accelerate smoothly, but the speed limit is set precisely, so be careful not to go too fast!

Also, while moving, driving advice about driving will appear on the top screen, so it's easy for everyone to enjoy.

A vast amount of sightseeing information and trivia about attractions

along the Yui Rail are recorded in the library.
There is so much to see in Okinawa, one of Japan's best sightseeing areas!
Information not only includes attractions from the rail side, but also sightseeing spots all across the island!


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