Japanese Rail Sim 3D
Journey in suburbs #1 Vol.2

From Minoshi station
to Minami Kariyasu station

Release Date : March 24 2016

PRICE : $7.99

Japanese Rail Sim 3D
Journey in suburbs #1 Vol.3

From Minami Kariyasu station
to Yamada station

Release Date : March 24 2016

PRICE : $7.99

Japanese Rail Sim 3D
Journey in suburbs #1 Vol.4

From Yamada station
to the end point at Hokuno station

Release Date : March 24 2016

PRICE : $7.99

Japanese Rail Sim 3D Journey in suburbs #1

Part1 of Journey in Suburbs #1 Drive from starting point, Minoota station to Minoshi station

No. of Players:1 player
Release Date : June 11, 2015

PRICE : $7.99

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Enjoy the railways through 3D video!

Take a trip on the local railway of
Gifu Prefecture, located in the
center of the Japanese Archipelago!
Staged on the Nagaragawa Railway,
weaving between stunning greenery and
clear streams, you can experience driving
on the railway and enjoy seeing daily life
in the Japanese countryside passing by
the window through stunning 3D videos.


Journey in Suburbs #1 gives you a realistic train driving experience, with easy controls using buttons or the touchscreen.
You can also view the driving guide so you won't get confused by the controls. You start at a small station in the suburbs.
Little by little the Japanese scenery opens up around you as you cross bridges and progress through forests.
You must arrive at the next station on time while obeying the signs such as speed limit signs and whistle posts.
Show off your skills by sticking to the timetable; be aware that your speed will change as you go up and down slopes and
around curves in the track.

While driving, be sure to pay attention to signs along the route, the remaining distance to the destination, and the time limit.

The various kinds of signs seen during travel are shown below.
Pay attention to the rules, and not to miss any of these signs.

Keep to the timetable as you drive to get a higher score. You can see sightseeing information if you get
high scores. A variety of real sightseeing information is recorded around the stations about themes such as Japanese architecture
and an introduction to the history. Experience the journey not only as a driver but also as a passenger.

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