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I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero Hawaii

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No. of Players: 1 player
Category: Simulation
Price: $19.99
Release Date: Mar 27 2014

Game Contents

Safety of the sky is in your hands

“I'm an Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero” is a game
The player becomes an air traffic controller and tries an air
Traffic control.

He/she has to give appropriate commands promptly to the airport and
the aircrafts that are recreated with exciting details in order to
complete each stage.

He/she must be careful not to give wrong commands that may result
in a head-on on the ground or a near miss in the air. Also, the
commands have to be in time so that the frustration levels of the pilot
and the passengers are within an allowed range.

It’s an intellectual game that requires reading the movements of
each aircraft.

Enjoyable for the players of all ages with easy navigations

“Airport Hero” can be played without any preknowledge about air
traffic control.

It requires no complicated navigations but only pushing one button,
which allows the players of any age, boys or girls, aviation
enthusiasts or small children interested in aircrafts to enjoy this
game. Also, the player can learn how air traffic control terminology
and how it works just by playing the game!

The game was been supported and loved by wide range of users for over 15years

Rough scheme of ATC

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